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Through analysis, content strategy and thoughtful design your website should effectively show who you are and what you do.

Eaves for Women are a national UK charity working to expose and address violence against women. Overtime, they had transitioned from providing supported housing into an organisation with a broader & more substantial remit. Unfortunately their website didn't reflect the change and was doing Eaves a great disservice in terms of credibility.

We ran a series of workshops for stakeholders to help the charity understand its key audience groups, their proposition and overall positioning. Together we created a set of goals for the website and prioritised the wealth of content and resources they had collated. The workshops offered an invaluable opportunity for all internal groups to express their hopes and fears for the project and to build consensus on how to present themselves online.

We assisted Eaves with their content strategy and designed an adaptive site which is both inline with the project and organisational goals and also sympathetic in tone and style to their various audience groups.

A crucial aspect of the project was in building a software solution which would provide a long-term base for the charity and allow it to grow. This required working with various internal groups to create a system which is geared around supporting and streamlining pre-existing processes.

Through our work, Eaves now have a website that presents them effectively and a structure and backend in place to allow them to continue to speak coherently about their work and attract new supporters.