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The Casting Collective were planning a major overhaul of their business. They were predominantly serving London & the South East and it was the right time for them to become a nationwide casting agency.

The biggest foreseeable issue was one of scale. Each year, over a six week period, thousands of Supporting Artistes were invited into their London offices to apply for the next year's book. The registration period was labour intensive and time consuming and with the addition of seven further regional books, it would soon break down.

Together we created a solution that removed the need for the offline registration period. We built an in-depth standard application and an ad-hoc application so the team can post urgent off-book casting calls. We also built an area for existing artistes to manage their calendar, view their earnings and update their details when needed. All of the systems are tied together via a management tool which interfaces directly with the FileMaker database they use to run their business.

— The entire system is available to use on any device. 2 in 5 extras visiting use a mobile to check their calendar and view their remittances.

The move online was a huge shift for their customers and also for the team and we worked hard to protect and assist both.

For their customers we were focussed on providing the best user experience. We tested heavily with a small group of artistes and implemented inline help, video tips & a knowledge base of questions and answers via UserVoice.

— We take pride in the small details. Of over 1500 people surveyed 99.6% said that the help instructions were clear and useful.

For the Casting Collective we implemented a queue system which enables them to focus on the jobs that are most pressing and a sophisticated system around approving applications to aid their workflow. In addition, we have integrated to give staff the insight into how their customers are using the application and provide a means for them to reach out to people who are stuck.

We continue to work with the Casting Collective to help keep their business at the forefront of their industry.

Customer feedback

While the application form is long including 130+ questions over multiple steps and required action and acceptance from their existing artistes - over 90% said they were extremely satisfied or satisfied with the process.

  • “Excellent process, very comprehensive.”
  • “Best renewal process of all the casting agencies by far.”
  • “A good clear process”