Bright Machine

We provide web-based software & products.

Elegant technical solutions to non-trivial problems.

Our guiding principles

We know our work will only have a positive impact if it’s driven by the business goals. That’s why our clients’ organisation needs always remain our first priority.

Beyond that, our focus is to:

These principles guide all aspects of our work, from the initial phone call to the support we provide.

Providing you with the right tools.

We are guided by your goals and our research and experience and don’t have a predefined outline of what specific software you should use.

We make suggestions and not prescriptions – our focus is always on what works best for your project and business. We believe in creating value through questioning, listening and guiding you through your project.

The team spend hours reading and researching all aspects of the web in order to provide our clients with innovative solutions. (Take a look at our reading list.)